You hate exercise?

Lately, I came across some people who told me they HATED exercising. It brings a smile to my face because what they are really saying is ‘I hate being uncomfortable.” Nobody likes being outside their comfort zone. They feel awkward and out-of-place. And exercising makes them feel that way. How many times did I come across people who hated running. But, for whatever  reason, such as losing weight, getting back into shape, having a partner who ran etc, they decided to continue and to give it their best shot. Today, they are runners. This outcome always makes me happy but, never surprises me. What is interesting, it’s not the exercise itself that people dislike, but their not so good performance. The discomfort that it brings. Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable. If a person never exercised or it’s been a while since he or she  did, it is more difficult and it definitely gets uncomfortable. Especially the first few times. You find yourself out of breath,  you feel inadequate, clumsy, and you get discouraged. You must continue. You must get out of your comfort zone. And as you progress, you will become better at it, you will feel good, than great. You will feel strong and powerful and you will want to do more. It is human nature.

exercising comfort zone

              “All human beings are driven by two forces: the need to avoid pain, or the desire to gain pleasure. If you are not taking action, it is because you think that taking action will be more painful than doing nothing or not taking action.Anthony Robbins If you persist and accept the discomfort that the exercise will cause you in the beginning, you will start seeing and feeling the benefits. For a start, you’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better, you’ll be more centered and happier. You will start making better food choices because your desire to perform will increase and you will notice a weight loss. You will have more stamina. And it is at this point that those who “hated” exercising will begin to love doing it. Not everybody wants or can do  P90X ou Insanity and it’s ok. Your goal is not to be extreme, but to start exercising. When you exercise regularly, everything becomes easier. You will increase your mobility, you will be more flexible. You will improve your agility and you will be able to do about everything you want. And that’ amazing! No one likes doing the laundry, yet, everybody does it because they want to wear clean clothes. No one likes to pay for gasoline for their car, yet everyone will fill the tank in order to go where they want. Nobody likes to be sick, yet many people do not feed themselves properly and do not exercise. When it comes to things we own, we don’t think about it and we do what’s necessary. When comes the time to take care of our health, it’s too difficult, to uncomfortable and we don’t do it. We let the things we own be first.  

Learn to love yourself

Learn to love yourself enough to learn to love things that are good for you. Eating well and exercising are among those choices. Nobody said it was easy, but the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages. You must start at your  own pace with something that suits you. If you decide to run a marathon in 3 months time when you just came off the couch, it is not only unrealistic, but you are going to fail. Challenge yourself with something that is not easy, yet not impossible for you. Commit to yourself. Because the first person you want to be proud of is you! And this pride is yours. No one can take that away from you.

exercising proud of myself

 I always ask my customers at the Y how many times they will come to the gym. If they tell me 5-day weeks, I ask the question a second time, then a third. Often their response will become 2-3 times a week and that’s what I put down on their program. Why? If I put 5 times a week and they come only 3 times, they will feel like a failure. If I write down 2 or 3 times a week and they come 3 times or more, they will feel great about themselves and they will commit more. Do the same thing. Establish a goal that without being too easy is reachable. This will encourage you to continue and as a result, you will progress. And if you progress, you are improving and if you improve, you will like exercising. It’s as simple as that.

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