The Fit Test to measure your progress

With the Fit Test, a participant without any fitness knowledge, will be able to measure his or her progress without having to consult a professional. Several BeachBody programs have a Fit Test. Among others, Insanity and P90X. When you decided to do a program like Insanity, you most likely saw several before and after pictures and that got you started. And you expect to have similar results. Remember that you are all different and that your results will vary depending on your body shape, your metabolism, and especially your diet.  Do not neglect this aspect. Often, the participants will complain of not seeing major changes on the scale. Yet, they probably made amazing progress. And that is why everybody should do the Fit Test. It is there to testify that you are working hard and that you are getting better. I know this for a fact! The first time you will take the Fit Test, you will not know what to expect, even if you have watched the DVD before.  As long as you don’t do it, you won’t have any idea of the type of effort you have to give. Once done, you will know the movements, you will get your first results, and if you’re anything like me, you will want to beat them! Do not neglect the Fit Test.  

Fit TestYou can download it here: Insanity Calendar – Fit Tes

Tomorrow, I will start another round of Insanity.  From one round to the next, I can see my progress because I did my Fit Test. When you measure your results, you can compare and when you can compare, you can see how far you have come.  From one round to  the other, it is always more difficult to get better and to go further. But if I know what I have already done, I can challenge myself with my previous best results. Without the Fit Test, I would not be able to set my new goals. If  this is the first Fit Test for you, you’ll know exactly where you start and where you are going. And to be honest, there is no better way to know where you want to go if you know where you start. Do your Fit Test!

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